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Friday, January 4, 2008

First day in school

This was how my girl look like with uniform. Isn's she cute with uniform? She is a very good girl, can wake up easily and dress-up. She does not feel fear and refuse to go to school.

So cute with the bag. Happily taking and carry the bag with her. In so young of age, already send her to the school, a bit cruel but after seeing that she does not crying, and can mix around with the teachers and can accept the other kids, I feel relief and grateful that she is very independent girl. And another thing that I have observed from these 2 days in the nursery school was almost crying kids are boy. I guess nowsday boy become more pemper...

Her brother also very excited to welcome his sister to accompany him to the school. He will said his sister is very cute in a certain hair style. When seeing my children going to school, I realise that my children is start growing, does it mean that I am stepping in another age? I am very grateful that my children especially the brother is a very caring and concern child. Why I said is brother because the sister is still young to express this lovely feeling but sometimes will follow the brother to said some concerns and touching words. My boy will praise me for my new hair style saying that I look very pretty in that hair style. What a lovely boy?

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