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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My son last day in kindergarten

"Tu Jin Qi" - I always said to my son, she is his little girlfriend...

The one next to my son is our neighbour and also is his best friend.

These were the photos taken during the last day before school long break holiday, this was his last day in kindergarten,which means that he is going to standard one. Time passed so fast that my son is going to primary school. Very worry and nervous as a mother, very complicated of my feeling.

He is very happy with all these friends and even now he miss them very much. Hope he can see all of them in the same primary school.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My girl is singing a song...

Can you find which one is my girl??

My little princess in her dance costume

My girl worn in yellow she was a duck in the dance...

the food that I ordered...

I have ordered spaghetti meatballs, what ??? mocha I also forgot the name already... but is nice this outlet the food is not bad the taste

Nice various cakes

Hmmm, hmmmm, yammy yammy, nice and tasty cakes

Early birthday celebration for my colleage Desiree in Secret Recipe, Nilai

We went to Secret Recipe Nilai branch to celebrate my colleage birthday it is a early celebration of her birthday. I like the cakes it is very very nice and we were very enjoyed in trying all types of food there. I personally feel that even the cake is very expensive but if compare to the outside normal cake shop, the taste is so so much better then the price is much more worthy.

2008 INTI company dinner in Sunway Convention Centre

Here are some photos taken during my company annual dinner which was held on 8/11/2008 in Sunway convention centre. This was the first time I prepared myself well for this function, make up which I did it myself (not bad, isn't it...) and went to salon for hair wash and hair style. Don't have much chances to go to such a grand function and hardly have excuse to wear in grand as well. So, dressup myself in a nice looking way. But I feel myself look very fat in picture, but of course in real is not slim too...