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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Summary to the Pangkor Trip

I think I have to post something to my own blog... but I dont know from where I should start. I think I can start by talking about the Pangkor Trip since I have posted the pictures.
As concluded I felt tired of taking care of two kids in this trip, but when saw they were enjoyed in the trip, I felt satisfied and happy also. Feel like what to bring them to other place for vocation also.
They are really enjoy playing with water, playing a game like jumping into the pool, get up and jump into the water again. repeatly doing the same stunt, while we as parents are so scare in watching them doing such a dangerous stunt but they were not feeling any bit of fears. Guess they are still young in knowing what can harm them. Meanwhile, when see them so enjoyed then we dont think to stop them in doing this, just making sure that they are safe in every moments.

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